The notions of homegrown and handmade sit well together. It stands to reason that people who care about the source of the things in their lives, are also likely to care about the way those things are made. It’s about dignity, quality and quite often a commitment to keeping close to nature.

At the Handmade Bed Company our handmade ethic comes from the belief that only by hand-making a bed can we ensure the very best quality and comfort in our products. Every luxurious bed and mattress that features in our Boutique range is handmade in our factory in Hampshire using skilled craftsmanship handed down through generations of our family-run business.

As of this month, we’re pleased to announce that all Handmade Bed Company mattresses will feature Hampshire wool, homegrown in our own beautiful county.

Hampshire sheep are a distinctive breed recognisable by their black faces and they produce a soft, sumptuous wool of a very high standard. Sourced from a nearby farm in Winchester, all of us here at the Hamdmade Bed Company are very proud to be using this quality locally sourced material in the making of our luxury handmade products.

If handmade and homegrown values matter to you, you’ll find more to love in your bed when you buy a bed from the Handmade Bed Company. Shop our range now online or in store exclusively at Furniture Village.