Finishing touches

The Handmade Bed Company is a company that, at our very core, has an unwavering commitment to the traditional ideals of quality and true craftsmanship.


It should come therefore as no great surprise that we’re constantly tweaking and bettering what we do. After all, the great thing about the process of make things by hand is that, much like an artist perfecting their work, you have a closer vantage point to make improvements.


To this end, we are pleased to announce that our Boutique 3000, Boutique 4000 and Boutique 5000 models all now feature mohair and bamboo as additional natural fillings. Providing a finesse in terms of feel and performance, these additions create a yet further luxury appeal to these high-end Handmade Bed Company Boutique models.


Experiencing for yourself the difference these finishing touches can make. Why not pop in to your local Furniture Village store and try a Boutique Bed from the Handmade Bed Company or shop online now at